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Landscape Maintenance in Tucson

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep any landscape looking its very best. After landscape installation, we often strongly recommend that our customers opt in to a maintenance plan to keep weeds and plant growth under control. 


Cherry Landscape offers:

  • A uniformed, courteous maintenance staff

  • 24-hour answering service

  • Your choice between, monthly visits, bi-monthly visits and weekly visits

  • Irrigation maintenance

  • Fertilizing 

  • Lawn treatment

  • Weed Control

  • Annual flowers

  • Pesticides

  • Pruning - Your choice between:

    • Manicured​

    • Clean natural

    • Rough natural

Unique Maintenance Plans to Suit Your Budget

Over the years, we have developed a keen understanding of how to formulate maintenance plans. Every customer has unique expectations. For example, some customers prefer an extremely manicured look, while others opt for a softer look with more natural growth. We allow our customers to choose between multiple maintenance styles before they sign their contract. Based on the frequency you choose, we will continue to visit the property at the time you have scheduled. 

Commercial Property Landscape Maintenance

At Cherry, we understand the importance of guiding our commercial landscape clients through the process. There are city guidelines to consider, which we are well-versed in. Certain landscape designers will over-plant, leading to dense vegetation that has to be cut down for visibility and security reasons. This can become a hassle to property managers and is one of the core reasons they should work with an experienced landscaper.

Maintenance in the Tucson Winter Months

Every winter season, temperatures drop in the Old Pueblo and frost damage can have a substantial impact on the plant life that thrives in our otherwise arid climate. In addition to treating frost damage for our maintenance customers, Cherry has developed an efficient strategy to use the dormant/winter months more constructively, completing such tasks as raising canopies, cutting back large shrubs and removing dense vegetation - which otherwise would be extra cost items for our customers

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