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Irrigation is critical to the longevity and integrity of every landscape installation. It helps ensure that every landscape thrives long after the day it was installed. Unattended and neglected irrigation lines can often become clogged with plant roots, leading to high water bills and unwatered plants. 

Cherry Landscape can help you avoid these high water costs on your existing irrigation system with a thorough Irrigation Check & Analysis, conducted by one of our skilled technicians.


Call us at 520.292.9776, submit an inquiry on our site, or email our team at  to schedule an Irrigation Check & Analysis, or inquire about new irrigation installation or upgrades. 

Many drip irrigation systems have been in the ground for over 10 to 20 years and have long passed their ability to water effectively. Home inspections exclude irrigation systems. The operation of timers, valves and vacuum breaker should all be checked. Cherry does so for you.

Irrigation Check and Analysis Report consists of:

  • Inspect irrigation system

    Check and install new battery in timer

    Check and set timer for season if practical

  • Change of existing programming, if desired

  • Minor repairs (e.g. 3 to 4 missing emitters, small leaks only as time allows)

  • Develop irrigation guides & schedule

  • List and provide estimate for major irrigation repairs if required

  • We also provide you with a list of general recommendations and upgrades


Example of a clogged irrigation line

Pro Tip: Don't drink sprinkler water! It's not safe to drink :)

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